PLASTA GROUP is responsible for the impact of its activities on the environment and society. The Regulations of the Corporate Social Responsibility provides an overview of the activities of the company regarding environmental and social responsibility. This is a set of company’s values, rules and guidelines that must be known and followed by each employee and supplier of the company group.

Environmental responsibility

Being an industrial production company, PLASTA GROUP focuses on reducing environmental damage, energy resources and carbon (CO2) footprint.


Resource Saving

When designing new products we consider their environmental impact, potential pollution and pursue sustainability. In production process we save energy, tools and equipment and strive to generate as little waste as possible.


Responsible Consumption

In pursuit of a circularity we are promoting a reduction in consumption by refusing surplus items, or work tools that can be replaced by electronic solutions. We reuse second-hand items after repairing them.



Being one of the largest recycling companies in Europe, we promote the use of recycled products and raw materials. We choose recycled paper, recycled textiles, etc. We prefer eco- and environmentally-friendly products, both internally and in our business environment.



The company not only sorts waste, such as plastic, glass and paper in its everyday activities, but also encourages employees and suppliers to do so. For this purpose, the company has developed special products dedicated to waste sorting.



Using plastic waste as a raw material for the production, company is responsible for building a waste sorting culture both in Lithuania and other European countries. With all the tools it needs – many years of experience, technology, a team of professionals – the company publishes educational materials through paid and free channels, participates in youth education, initiates other educational projects.



To the extent possible, we support green, environmental and pollution reducing organizations, individuals, projects, and also educational institutions in research and development of measures to reduce pollution.

Social responsibility

PLASTA GROUP is guided by and adheres to the ethics and values ​​of human and business relationships both within the company and in its selection and work with suppliers, customers and the surrounding community.


Standards of Conduct

We guarantee human rights in labour and business relations. We do not discriminate people based on their race, nationality, age or gender. We observe the principles of equality. PLASTA GROUP does not tolerate bullying and sexual harassment.


Occupational Safety and Health

We strive for safe and healthy work environment. For this purpose we provide new staff training, occupational safety and accident prevention measures, organize educational events, encourage feedback and suggestions.


Corruption Prevention

We have zero tolerance for taking or offering bribes in our relationship with authorities and businesses. We participate in tenders for the purchase of services and goods and organize our own tenders on the basis of objective evaluations of value for money. We neither accept nor offer bribes in any form, whether monetary or otherwise, to influence decision making. Corruption cases found are reported to law enforcement authorities.


Privacy Policy

The Company processes personal data in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation, the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Lithuania and other legal acts regulating the processing of personal data. Personal data are collected only for clearly defined and lawful purposes, and processed in a lawful and fair manner.