Press release

Plasta Group Acquires LLC Gerovė

Plasta Group, one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of recycled plastic production, recently acquired LLC Gerovė. With the expansion, the Group will widen its range of environmentally friendly products and the production capacity in Lithuania, where it operates the Plasta facility.

Gerovė, which has been operating in Kaunas, Lithuania, since 1991, specialises in the production of plastic food, shopping, waste bags and film. Like Plasta, Gerovė uses recyclable materials for its production. The company sells its products in Lithuania and exports to other EU countries.

“This acquisition means that from now on, customers of Plasta Group companies will be able to buy environmentally friendly garbage bags, film made from post-consumer waste, but also biodegradable bags and shopping bags,” said Maciej Plamieniak, CEO of Plasta Group.

Gerovė currently employs 45 people who will join the Plasta Group team of more than 500 employees in Lithuania, Sweden, and Germany. Gerovė has an annual turnover of EUR 5 million.

“By joining Plasta Group, Gerovė continue its commitment to environmental sustainability and innovation and strive to provide sustainable and efficient alternatives to plastic products,” said the former owners of Gerovė, Živilė Ramoškienė and Jaunius Ramoška. They will continue their work in the sustainable plastics industry as RecyClass accredited auditors in the European Union.


About Plasta Group

Plasta Group is one of Europe’s leading plastics recyclers and producers, developing innovative solutions for polyethylene recycling and driving the transition to circularity. With more than 500 employees, the Group brings together the headquarters of AB Plasta in Lithuania, GmbH Plasta in Germany, Rullpack in Sweden, Gelpod, Plasta Business Park and Gerovė in Lithuania.


About LLC Gerovė

Gerovė, which has been operating for more than 30 years, is one of the most recognized manufacturers of plastic packaging in Lithuania, introducing innovations in the recycling of raw materials and sustainable production in its activities. The company offers to its customers customized packaging solutions as well as a variety of standard plastic bags for resale or own use.