PLASTA GROUP Becomes Official Supplier of RIVER CLEANUP

PLASTA GROUP is delighted to announce that the GROUP has become the Official Supplier of RIVER CLEANUP and will provide the organization’s initiatives with garbage bags made from 100% recycled plastic. RIVER CLEANUP volunteers will use the bags during initiatives to recover plastic from bodies of water.

RIVER CLEANUP is a global organization aiming to recover plastic waste from rivers so it does not reach the world’s oceans. So far, RIVER CLEANUP hosted 4254 events and recovered 3 210 961 kg of river waste in 91 countries. Each year, 11 billion kilograms of plastic end up in the world’s oceans. During RIVER CLEANUP’s localized events, spanning different continents, volunteers collect as much waste as possible — so that this number is reduced.

Among other RIVER CLEANUP initiatives is technology development that exponentially increases the amount of plastic recovered. The organization has co-developed and implemented various water-filtering devices that take care of RIVER CLEANUP’s mission 24 hours a day.

RIVER CLEANUP is on a mission to stop plastic from reaching our oceans by cleaning rivers, changing behavior, and transforming organizations. In the process, we need both helping hands and reliable partners. Therefore, we are glad to have PLASTA GROUP on board,” says Thomas de Groote, Founder/CEO at RIVER CLEANUP.

Among other initiatives supported by PLASTA GROUP are local cleanups in Lithuania, including the BaiDarom event organized by Lithuanian Travelers Club in May 2023. PLASTA GROUP contributed to the event by providing environmentally friendly garbage bags used by volunteers to collect waste.

We invite our partners, colleagues, and clients to join us in supporting RIVER CLEANUPS‘s mission. You can partner with RIVER CLEANUP in organizing team buildings or via donations that enable the organization to work on technology solutions.