Plasta Group Launches New Private Label — Meet Trash Panda

Trash Panda — a new product line of Plasta Group — is already appearing at supermarkets in the Baltic countries. All products marked with the new brand name are planet-friendly waste bags made from 100% recycled post-consumer plastic, including a large part of household waste.

Just like other Plasta Group products, the Trash Panda product line is an alternative to virgin plastic products that still make up most of the market. Trash Panda waste bags are as sturdy as the ones manufactured from virgin plastic, at the same time providing a positive environmental impact due to the use of recycled materials and green energy.

With the new brand that “deals with mess and stress”, the Group hopes to encourage customers to choose sustainable products when reaching for plastic bags and remind them that daily chores can be easy and fun.

“It is no secret that the waste bag range at any supermarket looks pretty indistinguishable. And when it comes to the “greener” options, the market is ridden with greenwashing claims that might leave the buyer confused. With a fun, optimistic, and bold new private label, we want to stand out and simplify the choice for our eco-conscious buyers”, says the CEO at Plasta Group, Maciej Plamieniak.

Trash Panda waste bags are made from 40—60% household plastic waste. Manufactured at Plasta facilities in Vilnius that feature a cutting-edge optical waste sorting line and improved water treatment infrastructure, Trash Panda waste bags are now among the most sustainable choices for customers.