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PLASTA GROUP presents an updated brand

One of the largest European plastic recycling and manufacturing groups — PLASTA GROUP — announces an updated brand. With over 550 employees, the Group connects Plasta AB in Lithuania, Plasta GmbH in Germany, Rullpack in Sweden, Gelpod and Plasta Business Park in Lithuania. The PLASTA GROUP’s refreshed brand strongly emphasises eco-conscious plastic product manufacturing and circularity in all organisational domains.

A unified strategic direction

PLASTA GROUP‘s focus on recycling post-consumer and other waste to produce high-quality products was established decades ago. Currently, the Group is building a complete ESG strategy that will focus on improving social and corporate governance aspects and further reducing Group companies‘ environmental impact — implementing energy-saving measures, tracking and lowering CO2 emissions, and developing innovative products.

According to the Group’s CEO, Maciej Plamieniak, the Group’s primary commitment remains unchanged — to minimise global plastic waste by developing plastic recycling solutions and designing innovative products from recycled or renewable materials.

“We have been in the market for over 60 years. As we innovate and improve our production facilities, we become increasingly capable of moving toward zero-waste production principles and circularity. With a renewed brand, we want to reiterate this direction and our dedication to lead the way in eco-conscious plastic product manufacturing,” says M. Plamieniak.

Maciej Plamieniak


Dedicated to circularity

PLASTA GROUP annually recycles over 35,000 tonnes of post-consumer waste plastic collected in Western and Northern European countries and the Baltics. The Group is currently working on establishing cutting-edge facilities that will exponentially increase the post-consumer waste recycling capabilities.

Among the most popular products manufactured in the Plasta factory in Lithuania and Rullpack’s facility in Sweden are waste bags and film. Due to the Group’s R&D activities and in-house developed technology, it produces especially thin, durable bags made from 100% recycled polyethylene for consumer and business use.

“Even though we’re best known for providing reliable-quality waste bags, we aim to innovate because we see an increasing demand for eco-conscious plastics. So we are continuously exploring opportunities in other product categories where our recycling expertise could be effectively applied,” comments M. Plamieniak.

All information in one place

Together with an updated brand, the Group presents a single webpage,, where partners, clients, and people interested in recycling can find information about Group’s companies, solutions, and ongoing projects.

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