Plasta Group Presents ECOPlasta — New Brand for the German Market

A new addition to the Plasta Group product portfolio — the ECOPlasta brand — recycled garbage bags and bin liners — has been launched by Plasta GmbH. The new brand aims to cater to companies searching for innovative and sustainable waste management solutions. All ECOPlasta products are manufactured from 100% recycled post-consumer waste and contain the highest percentage of household waste. The products are certified by the quality mark RAL and the eco-label Blue Angel, and are produced at Plasta facilities that hold the EcoVadis Silver reward.

Plasta GmbH represents Plasta Group in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and beyond, so the new brand will be primarily dedicated to German business clients.

“We noticed that there are more and more companies looking to reduce their impact on the environment by controlling both, the amount of waste they create and the ways they manage it. We hope to simplify the process by offering a leading product in terms of quality and environmental aspects,” says Loretta Schnell, General Manager at Plasta GmbH.

A significant chunk of the German market still belongs to virgin-material garbage bags, so the company believes ECOPlasta products will stand out by offering alternatives that are made from sustainable materials. The garbage bags and bin liners produced at Plasta facilities are made from recycled post-consumer waste, including household waste.

“We believe it is very important that our clients know not only what materials we use in producing our bags but also how we manufacture them. Throughout the manufacturing process, we respect the environment — from reducing the amount of waste to optimizing our water treatment system and using energy responsibly,” says Maciej Plamieniak, CEO at Plasta Group.

In the future, ECOPlasta will expand its product range and will continue to embrace a circular economy model, where waste is minimized and resources are continually reused, recycled and restored.